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    Today on Wold Road: March 4th, 2007
    Nice weather, a break from the recent rains.

Out on the river bar just 100 meters from the house...


The floods brought down a lot of fire wood.


The snow is still hanging heavy up on Mt. Osborn.  Just two weeks ago, we could hike to the top of this 4500 foot ridge on no snow!


Snyder is on a roof patrol.


Lots of nice potential river rock for a stone facade on one's house...


The Nisqually River and Mt. Tum Tum in the distance.




A small raker in the river catches limbs and branches.


My foot prints as I walk up the river bar.


Snow and sand on the river.


Hugga ved, det ska värma dig två gånger.  Chop wood, it will warm you two times.








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