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March 4

    OK, it's been a while.  I'm finally catching up to fatherhood (or sleep is catching up with me).

Here's some pictures over the last 6 months.
Rebecca and Linnea at Longmire in May 2009 before we moved to Packwood in our newly finished house!

Not enough family shots.  I think I was too tired to do anything for a long time.

The door hardware.  Notice the windows weren't even trimmed in May.

Dad and his daughter.

Oh, yeah.  Did I tell you someone did tens of thousands of damage to my airplane by putting some corrosive substance in my gas tanks?  Well, after 6 months of maintenance, I finally have my airplane back.  That didn't add to the stress of life.

It seemed like I happened to be around for every carryout from Camp Muir this summer.  Here, Nick Giguere and I sled a Army Corps guy out who walked up to Camp Muir with 150 other soldiers with a bad knee.

I did get in a climb, though.  Here's the superintendent of Mt. Rainier and his daughter.  Nick Giguere and Nick Hall and the cheif ranger from Wind Caves, Rick Mossman, and I had a go at the summit with him.  It was a long, but pretty enjoyable climb.

Then we were at the beach in early September.  Ah, September...  The end of the summer.  Can you count your toes?

She loves to drive.




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