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March 4

    Recent Trip to Salishan Beach near Lincoln City, OR...




At six weeks infants begin to socially smile and react to your expressions.  Linnea is giving us some "feedback" here -- rewards for sleepless nights and crying!


Infants focus anywhere from 4-15", so you gotta get up close in their face.  Linnea is starting to track your movements.  But there is no more attractive sight than mom.


I just wonder what she's gunna look like when she gets older!


Walking out on Salishan Beach.




So far she's kept her red hair and her blue eyes, but I can't imagine she's going to keep'em!


Of course, these show all the good moments.  It's not all roses, rainbows and unicorns.


At the yurt a few days before.  It got hot, like 100+, so Rebecca took Linnea down to Portland to Mom's air-conditioned hooch.  Happier baby.








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