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March 4

    Linnea's First Backpacking Trip - 7/28/08.

On her 5 week old birthday!


    Well, she didn't do any of the actual "backpacking", but it's amazing that at 36 days old, you can go out and camp and everything can just be hunky-dory.

We went to Packwood Lake, just right out our back door.  Yesterday, we were on the ridge in the distance with Linnea, but just for the day.  We are lucky enough to actually live on that ridge, just a ways down to the right.


After we arrived at the lake, 4.5 miles, we set up the bug screen immediately.  Rebecca and Linnea climbed inside and I went to work on everything else.


The night just rolled on by.  She never made much of a fuss at all, no screaming, no crying.  Not even when a mouse got in the tent and crawled over my face.  I caught it by hand and threw it out.

Rebecca deserved the medal of honor, though, because it did take a lot of cooing, cajoling, attention, and diaper changing, breast feeding, etc.. all night long...


The next morning was nice and cool and peaceful next to the lake with coffee and a sleeping baby.  Thank you, moms, for both carriers, the Moby and the Baby Bjorn both have their place.


Of course, it's dad turn to carry the baby now for a year or two.






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