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Rainier Flight 10-6-06


This flight was taken in our little Cessna 150.  It took about 1/2 hour to get up to about 10,000 feet from Packwood Airport.


General picture of Rainier above Cowlitz Park looking at the Ohanapecosh Glacier and Little Tahoma.



This is what's left of the Ohanapecosh Glacier.




This is the current terminus of the Paradise Glacier.




This is the Whitman Glacier starting off the south side of Little Tahoma.




This a general Whitman-Ohana Glacier perspective.




This is the confluence of the Ingraham and the Cowlitz Glaciers.  Notice the ogives below the icefall on the Ingraham (right hand lobe).  Ogives are alternating light and dark bows that often form below ice-falls.




This a view of Cushman Crest - Lower Wapowety Cleaver.  Low center is the top of the "The Fan", the climbing route from the Nisqually to the Wilson Glacier on the way to the Kautz.





And finally, the Muir Snowfield.  Camp Muir is to the left of the rock pinnacle top-center.