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March 4

    Flight over the Goat Rocks - 12/12/07

Here are some sexy shots of my little 150 before our flight.  I love cool, clear, fall days for flying.  Butter Butte in the back ground.


Mt. Rainier peeking over Dixon Mt.



Johnson Peak is one of my favorite mountains to fly around.  And what a great platform to actually check out new ski lines and climbing routes!


The east face of Johnson Peak is really abrubt and it goes down for thousands of feet.


Obscure formations on the north ridge that eventually goes down to Packwood.


Do these look like good bowls to ski, or what!!!


Now if I were in a helicopter, maybe we could just land in a few of these wilderness locations?  Nick?



Our home little airport of Packwood.  You kind of have to come in over that smoke on the right, then make a right hand turn 20 degrees right before you touch down.  It's an airport with charactor.


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